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1 Oktober 2020
Market Outlook
8 Oktober 2020
Sport Activity

#MaybankWebinar Shariah Banking It’s Not About Profit?
Streamed live on November 26, 2020

WEBINAR: Gowes Sehat & Aman di Era New Normal
Streamed live on October 10, 2020

#MaybankforCommunity - Kolaborasi Bisnis Fashion Pada Era New Normal"
Streamed live on September 10, 2020

Mengenali Dampak #DiRumahAja terhadap Kesehatan & Tumbuh Kembang Anak"
Streamed live on August 29, 2020

Online Learning “Trik Omset Naik Dari Platform Digital Di Masa Pandemi"
Streamed live on August 1, 2020

Gentle Yoga bersama Laksita - Yoga Practitioner
Streamed live on Jul 30, 2020


Smart Living - Makan Sehat, Gak Perlu Mahal
Streamed live on Jul 25, 2020


Peach Gum Collagen Health Dessert bersama Uchie Kitchen
Streamed live on Jul 23, 2020


Tips & Trik Tubuh Sehat Ideal dengan Superfood Organik
Streamed live on Jul 11, 2020


Maybank Indonesia Shariah Thought Leaders Forum 2020
Streamed live on Jul 02, 2020


Market Update & ORI017 Investment bersama Juniman (Chief Economist Maybank Indonesia)
Streamed live on Jun 26, 2020


Acara Pengundian Grand Prize Program Tabungan Co-Branding Maybank Finance (Des 2019 – May 2020)
Streamed live on Jun 23, 2020


Webinar - Stress Away During Pandemic Covid-19 for Your Kids #FamilyFirst
Streamed live on Jun 20, 2020

Teknik Memasarkan Produk Secara Online Saat Pandemi COVID -19 bersama Maybank dan Albert Tirtohadi
Streamed live on April 29, 2020


Tetap Cantik Walau #DiRumahAja bersama Maybank dan Siskarini
Streamed live on May 8, 2020

Maybank Webinar - Taktik-taktik Negosiasi Penjualan Untuk Profit Optimal
Streamed live on Jun 3, 2020