Nowadays, paying monthly bills is more easy and convenient. It’s hassle free, pay directly from your smartphone.
Pay your telephone bills, electricity, water, TV Cable, credit cards and loan installment at the comfort of your home.

No need to queue and no need  to worry about late bill payments if you pay your bills through M2U ID App, M2U ID Web and Maybank ATM which already has more than 150 billers and 600 virtual account, so easy isn’t it ?

  • Public services : PLN, Telkom Pay, PDAM, PBB and DKI Jakarta Local Tax.
  • Handphone bills & purchasing credit/ data package (Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo, XL, Smartfren & H3I)
  • Cable TV, Credit Card , loans/installment, Flight & Train ticket, insurance, e-commerce, e-money  and many more.
  • To find out the list of billers
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Credit Card Payment


BPJS Payment


Beli Rumah Sendiri

PLN Payment


Tax Payment


E-Billing Payment


Electricity and water bill Payment


Loan Payment