Education For Swipe Credit or Debit Cards

Education For Swipe Credit or Debit Cards

For the security of your data, make sure that during non-cash transactions at merchants / shops, your Maybank Credit / Debit Card isn't swiped in the cash register or anything, other than on the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine. Always use your Maybank Credit Card 6 digit PIN.

In accordance with regulations issued by Bank Indonesia in Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) Number 18/40 / PBI / 2016 concerning the Implementation of Payment Transaction Processing which regulates the prohibition on swapping non-cash cards. In article 34 letter b, BI prohibits payment system service providers from misusing Customer data and information as well as payment transaction data and information other than for the purpose of payment processing transactions. Included in it is a ban on data retrieval through the cash register.

It is important to understand that what is meant by double swipe is that the merchant / shop makes a credit / debit card swipe on the EDC machine and then proceed to the cash register when the credit / debit card holder makes a payment for the purchase. The thing that can happen due to this double swipe is the data profile will be recorded by the merchant / shop so that it can allow data on the credit / debit card holder to leak or spread.

To prevent leakage of personal data, the Maybank Credit / Debit Card holder has the right to refuse the card to be swiped in any machine other than the EDC machine. Your Maybank Credit / Debit Card can only be swiped on the EDC machine every time you make a transaction.

Maybank Credit / Debit Card holders can report to Bank Indonesia through the Bank Indonesia Contact Center (SPEAK) contact 131, stating the name of the merchant / shop and managing bank name that can be seen on the EDC machine sticker or header on receipt / sales draft during non payment transactions cash using the EDC. Credit Card Maybank PIN Information click here

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