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Global Banking
BII CoOLBanking (Corporate Online Banking) is an internet-based online banking service (web-based) for institutional customers starting from SME, Commercial to Corporate customers to perform various banking transactions easily, quickly, secure and more efficiently wherever the customer is located.
BII CoOLBanking is a user friendly electronic banking service which does not require special skills to use it.
Transaction result and any information available can be obtained real time by means of computer, wherever you are.
With BII CoOLBanking, you can securely manage and control your own transactions. CoOLBanking is equipped with token which is used to generate passwords that change each time you conduct financial transactions.
BII CoOLBanking will save more time and cost incurred by your company.
Through BII CoOLBanking, you can manage your company's cash management with services such as:
1.  Financial Transaction
     o Transfer between accounts in BII
     o Transfer to Other Banks in Rupiah currency
     o Transfer to Other Banks in Foreign Exchange currency
     o Liquidity Management
           -Sweep In
           -Sweep Out
           -Sweep Balance
     o Multi Payment
     o Payroll payment
     o Multi debit
     o Tax Payment electronically (e-Tax)
2. Non Financial Transaction
     o Account Information
       -    Balance Information
           - Transaction Inquiry
     o Inquiry of Cheque Book/Demand Deposit
     o Currency exchange rate information
     o And Other services
BII CoOLBanking is an appropriate cash management solution for corporate customers.
For further information, please contact us:
Cash Management Division
Gedung Sentral Senayan 3 Lt. 22
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Senayan - Gelora Bung Karno
Jakarta 10270
Phone: 0 800 140 11 33 (Toll Free), Fax: (+62 21) 29039041

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