MyProtection Infinite

MyProtection Infinite is a life insurance that offers optimal coverage, including protection against three main critical illnesses, as well as maximum investment potential to guarantee your financial legacy and comfortable life in twilight years.

Advantages of MyProtection Infinite

1 Insurance Policy for your peace of mind protection, including protection from 3 critical illnesses, during productive age and investment benefits for when you are older.
Optimal investment allocation with additional 10% after 6th year of policy onwards (1)
Amount of Death Benefit will be reset after 3 years after being diagnosed with critical illnesses.
Potential reduction of long term insurance costs (2) for maximum investment growth
Persistency bonus of 70% of Basic Regular Premium at the end of 5th policy year(3)
Up to IDR12 billion in non-medical Sum Insured Limit (4)
Medical assistance and evacuation services in any part of the world

(1) Bid / offer spread 5%
(2) Reduction of insurance costs once investment value is close to, or reaches the targeted sum insured
(3) In accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy
(4) Subject to Insured’s age of entry in accordance with the applicable underwriting requirements


What are the Benefits of MyProtection Infinite?*

Death Benefits

If the Insured passes away during the insurance period, the Insurer will pay the amount of Death Benefits, determined by the following (whichever is larger):

  • Life Sum Insured at the date of claim approval, or
  • 5 (five) times of Annualized Regular Basic Premium, including investment benefits in form of all Investment Value Balance stated in the Policy up to the date of claim approval.

Critical Illness Benefits

The amount of money that will be paid at the date the Insured is diagnosed with one of the 3 (three) Critical Illness by a doctor (Critical Illness Diagnosis Date), amounting 20% of (whichever is larger):

  1. Life Sum Insured, or
  2. 5 (five) times of Annualized Regular Basic Premium
  1. The payment of the above benefits will:
    1. Only be paid 1 (one) time upon the Insured is diagnosed with one of the 3 (three) Advanced Stage Critical Illness (First Occurrence of a Heart Attack, Cancer, or Stroke), in accordance with the terms used under the Insurance Policy; and
    2. Be conducted after being taking all loans and obligations into account, if any; and
    3. Reduce the amount of Sum Insured with the amount of paid Critical Illness Sum Insured.
  2. After all the above benefits are paid, the Critical Illness Benefit will automatically end.
  3. If the Insured is still alive for 3 (three) years from the approval of the date of Critical Illness Diagnosis Date by the Insurer, then the Sum Insured will be reset after the Critical Illness Benefit is paid to the Insured.
  4. The amount of Sum Insured referred in Point C is the last Sum Insured amount subtracted by accumulation of Regular Basic Premium Investment Value withdrawal, if any.

Investment Benefits

The investment value balance in this policy will be paid upon the occurrence of the following events:

  • The Insured passes away during the Insurance Period; or
  • The Insured lives until the end of the Insurance Period; or
  • You make a partial or complete withdrawal of this Policy; or
  • Your policy is canceled, however there are still remaining Investment Value after being subtracted with investment losses and profits and surrender costs as well as other obligations (if any).

Persistency Benefits

The Insurer will pay the Persistency Bonus Benefits in the form of Unit addition to the Investment Value amounting 70% (seventy percent) of the annual Regular Basic Premium (not including the Regular Top Up Premium), if the Insured is still alive and the Policy is still in force at the end of 5th Policy Year, with the following requirements fulfilled:

  • Timely payments of regular premium within the first 5 (five) Policy years
  • No partial withdrawal of the Regular Basic Premium Investment Value within the first 5 (five) Policy years.

End of contract benefits (Maturity)

If the Insured lives until the end of the Insurance Period, the Insurer will pay the investment benefits in form of all Investment Value Balance (if any) at the end of Insurance Period.

Additional Health Insurance Benefits

Get additional health insurance benefits through Prime Medical Protection, which provides premium protection solutions and offered in 5 different plans.

Advantages of Prime Medical Protection :

  1. Additional booster for comprehensive protection
    If annual limit runs out, it may be replenished up to IDR50 billion per year. Terms and conditions apply according to the Policy.
  2. Exclusive protection
    Offers hospital bill paid as charged, cashless method, and coverage around the world.
  3. Personal care room facilities
    A comfortable and exclusive hospital room according to the terms of the plan.
  4. Priority health services
    Provides personal assistant from Allianz hospital assistant for domestic services and a medical concierge from international assistance for overseas services.
  5. Medical opinion service
    Provides expert medical opinion services from health experts around the world who help provide medical opinions on the diagnosis.

For more information, click here to download rider product brochure

Terms & Conditions

* Terms and conditions are fully arranged in the Policy.


Entry Age

  • 1 month - 70 years

Insurance Period

Up to 100 years old, with monthly deduction of Cost of Insurance.


Minimum amount of Regular Premium:

  • Annually: IDR120,000,000 / USD12,000
  • Bi-annually: IDR60,000,000 / USD6,000
  • Quarterly: IDR30,000,000 / USD3,000'
  • Monthly: IDR10,000,000 / USD1,000

Top Up

  • Minimum Regular Top Up:
    •  Annually     : IDR5,000,000 / USD500
    •  Bi-annually : IDR2,500,000 / USD250
    •  Quarterly    : IDR1,250,000 / USD125
    •  Monthly      : IDR400,000 / USD40
  • Minimum Single Top Up:  IDR1,000,000 / USD200
  • Maximum Single Top Up: 5x of annual sum insured per year (financial underwriting will be applied if the amount exceeds IDR2 billion / USD200,000)

Administration costs

IDR33,500 (thirty three thousand five hundred Rupiah) or USD5.7 (five point seven United States Dollars) will be charged after the Policy is issued via monthly deduction of Regular Premium Units if the Policy is still in force.

Acquisition and maintenance costs

0.417% (zero point four one seven percent) of the Regular Premium Investment Value will be charged upon the issuance of Policy via monthly deduction of Regular Premium Units within the first 6 (six) years of the Policy

Funds Transfer Costs


Free of charge until 5 (five) times per year. After the 5th transfer, a cost amounting 1% of switched fund with minimum of IDR100,000 (one hundred thousand Rupiahs) or USD20 (twenty United States Dollars).

Investment Fund Management Cost

Investment fund management cost will vary in accordance of your choice of investment funds. The amount ranges from around 1% to 2% annually.

Withdrawal Fee

This fee will be charged via deduction of Regular Premium Units as per the following formula:
Factor x Amount of Fund Withdrawal from Regular Premium Investment Valuet:

Policy year     Factor
1                      75%
2                      50%
3                      30%
4                      20%
5+                    3,5%

Redemption Fee

This fee is calculated by multiplying the Regular Premium Investment Value with the following factors:

Policy year       Factor
1                      75%
2                      50%
3                      30%
4                      20%
5+                     0%

Premium Leave Fee

This fee will only be charged if the Top Up Premium Unit is insufficient to pay the Regular Premium during Premium Leave, via monthly deduction of Regular Premium Units. The formula for this fee is as follows:Factor x (Administration Cost + Acquisition and Maintenance Costs + Cost of Insurance)With factors as follows:

Policy year       Factor
1                      not allowed
2                      not allowed
3                      30%
4                      20%
5                       10%
6+                     0%



About Allianz

Allianz is one of the largest insurance and asset management providers in the world, founded in 1890 in Germany; Allianz is now present in more than 70 countries and serves more than 75 million customers worldwide.

PT. Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia was established in 1996 and is engaged in life, health, pension and sharia insurance. Currently PT. Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia has expanded its distribution network in more than 44 cities through more than 87 offices of business partners and supported by more than 14,000 sales people.

Important notes:

  • Protection Infinite is an insurance product issued by PT. Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia. PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk ("Bank") only acts as a reference provider for MyProtection Infinite.
  • MyProtection Infinite is not a Bank product so the Bank is not responsible for any and all claims and risks arising from managing this product portfolio. MyProtection Infinite is not guaranteed by the Bank and its affiliates and is not included in the scope of the objects of the guarantee program of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia or the Deposit Insurance Corporation ("LPS"). The bank is not responsible for the insurance policy issued by PT. Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia. The management and investment of MyProtection Infinite is carried out by PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia and is the responsibility of PT. Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia.
  • Investment fund performance from PT. Life Insurance Indonesia can be seen in the monthly Fund Fact Sheet report.
  • PT Bank Maybank Indonesia. Tbk is a bank registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority.
  • Investing in capital market instruments carries market risk. PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia does not guarantee unit prices and income from these funds can be increased or decreased. The performance of investment funds in the past is not an indication of future performance. Full details are in the Fund Fact Sheet.
  • Premium paid includes commission for the bank.
  • A detailed explanation of charges can be found at the MyProtection Infinite Policy
  • PT Asuransi Life Indonesia has been registered with and overseen by the Financial Services Authority, and its salespeople hold licenses from the Indonesian Life Insurance Association.

For more information contact Customer Care at 1500611 or please visit the nearest Maybank branch.

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