Shop for your daily needs at Borma and Prama Toserba Bandung, get a shopping voucher of IDR25,000 with Maybank Credit Card.

Promo period : 1st November 2021  - 30th June 2022

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Valid for the first 2000 transactions during program period.
  2. How to get IDR25,000 voucher:
    1. Shop with transaction min. IDR300,000 in 1 (one) shopping receipt with Maybank Credit Card.
    2. Exchange your shopping receipt with shopping voucher of IDR25,000 at the Borma dan Prama Toserba Bandung Customer Service.
  3. Valid for 1x voucher redemption/ day/ card.
  4. Not valid for multiple transactions or combined receipts.
  5. Promo cannot be combined with other promotions.
  6. PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk has the right to cancel, postpone, extend or terminate this program before; vary, delete, or add to one of the absolute terms and conditions of the decision by giving 7 (seven) working days prior notice via the website at
  7. Valid for Maybank Credit Card with BII and Maybank logos, except for Maybank Corporate Credit Card.

Location / contact :

  • BORMA Toserba Cijerah
    Jl. Raya Cijerah No. 90 Bandung
  • BORMA Toserba Cikutra
    Jl. Cikutra Barat No. 66 Bandung
  • BORMA Kerkof
    Jl. Kerkof No. 35 Cimahi Bandung
  • BORMA Gempol
    Jl. Gempol Sari, Cimahi Bandung
  • BORMA Buah Batu
    Jl. Buah Batu No. 235, Turangga, Bandung
  • Prama Banjaran
    Jl. Raya Banjaran No. 588, Lebakwangi, Bandung
  • Prama Babakan Sari
    Jl. Babakan Sari 1 No.11 Kiaracondong, Bandung
  • Prama Mekar Wangi
    Jl. Mekar Laksana No.1, Mekarwangi, Bandung