Exclusive offer for you!

Apply and spend with Maybank Credit Card anywhere, get up to IDR1 million Dinomarket e-voucher.

Period until 30th June 2022.

Promo Mechanism
    1. Visit the following link https://www.dinomarket.com/MaybankApplyNow and click 'Apply Now' at the bottom of the page.
    2. Fill in your personal data.
    3. Your Maybank Credit Card application will be processed maximum 5 working days. Maybank will send a notification via SMS regarding the results of your Maybank credit card application submission.
    4. If the application is approved, the Maybank Credit Card will be sent to your address.
    5. After receiving your Maybank Credit Card, activate it immediately by:
      a. Send SMS to 69811 with the format AKT KK# 8 Final Digit Maybank Credit Card Number. Example: AKT KK#12345678. Use the mobile number registered in the Maybank system. Or
      b. Call Maybank Customer Care at 1500611.
    6. Spend anywhere with Maybank Credit Card within the first 3 months since your Maybank Credit Card is approved with the following details.

      Valued of Transactions with Maybank Credit Card

      E-voucher Dinomarket

      IDR2 million

      IDR200 thousand

      IDR5 million

      IDR500 thousand

      IDR10 million

      IDR1 million


Terms & conditions E-voucher


1. Illustration of the e-Voucher promo as follows:

Maybank Credit Card Approved Period

Transaction Period with Maybank Credit Card

e-Voucher Dinomarket
Giving Period

January 2022

Until 30th April 2022

At the latest 31st May 2022

February 2022

Until 31st May 2022

At the latest 30th June 022

March 2022

Until 30th June 2022

At the latest 31st July 2022

2. Promo is valid for retail shopping transactions and installments at EDC machines or online, using Rupiah or foreign currencies.
3. Not valid for Maybank X-Cash, Maybank X-Bill, Maybank X-Pay Just Call, Maybank Balance Conversion transactions, and cash withdrawals at ATM machines (Cash Advance).
4. At the time of giving the e-voucherDinomarket your Maybank Credit Card must be in active condition, not blocked, no usage exceed the limit and no overdue payment.
5. The validity period of the e-voucher Dinomarket is at least 1 month from the date the e-voucher is sent to the Credit Cardholders and cannot be extended.
6. Discounts on e-vouchers Dinomarket will immediately deduct the purchase price on the checkout page, and can only be used for 1 transaction and immediately deduct the value of the e-voucher.
7. The e-voucher Dinomarket will only deduct the value of the product and exclude or exclude shipping costs. Shipping costs are borne entirely by the e-voucher User.
8. E-voucher Dinomarket is only valid for payment methods using Maybank Credit Card.
9. E-voucher Dinomarket cannot be combined with other promotions and vouchers currently running on the Dinomarket website.
10 . Every transaction made on the Dinomarket site including the use of the Dinomarket e-voucher must comply with the terms and conditions that apply on the Dinomarket site.