Plan and realize your children dreams by providing the best education for them. Make it happen with Maybank Credit Card for an easy payment of your children’s education fees. Enjoy 0% installment up to 12 months.

Period until 31st December 2020.

Maybank XCash is an interest-free loan facility taken from your Maybank Credit Card credit limit / limit and can be paid in monthly installments.

Program mechanism
  1. Maybank Credit Cardholder who are interested must send SMS to 69811 with format:

    SMS Format
    Type REG ( space ) EDU using the mobile number registered in the Maybank system.

    If there is changes, please contact Maybank Customer Care at 1500611 to update your data.

  2. If you meet the criteria with Bank's internal policy, Maybank Telemarketing will contact Maybank Credit Cardholder no later than 7 working days after registering via SMS.
    1. The submission is maximum of 50% cash from the remaining credit limit of your Maybank Credit Card. Minimum cash fund of IDR1,000,000 and a maximum of IDR100,000,000
    2. 0% interest with choice of tenure and administration fees as follows:
Tenor Administration Fee
(from Maybank XCash value)

3 Months


6 Months


12 Months


  1. Maybank will process the Maybank XCash request.
  2. Maybank Credit Cardholder will get notification through SMS if Maybank XCash has been successfully disbursed to the Credit Card Account (RKK).
  3. Illustration of payment of administrative fees and installments are as follows:
    Maybank Credit Cardholder make transaction in June 2020 and agree to take Maybank XCash for tuition fees of IDR12,000,000 with a tenure of 6 months :
Months Details Nominal (Rp)

June 2020

Maybank XCash disbursed


July 2020

Administration fee


August 2020

Tenure 1


September 2020

Tenure 2


October 2020

Tenure 3


November 2020

Tenure 4


December 2020

Tenure 5


January 2021

Tenure 6



  • Maybank XCash will be disbursed to the Credit Card Account (RKK).
  • Payment of administrative fee is made once on July 2020 billing statement.
  • Installment payment will start from August 2020 to January 2021.
How to get Maybank XCash in a your Maybank Credit Card Account

For Maybank XCash withdrawal in your Maybank Credit Card Account (RKK), you can do the following:

  1. At the nearest Maybank branch office.
    You must bring your ID Card and Maybank Credit Card. Funds withdrawal cannot be represented.
  2. Through the Maybank ATM with the following steps:
    1. Enter your Maybank Credit Card into the Maybank ATM
    2. Enter your 6 digit Credit Card PIN (if you forget your PIN, SMS to 69811 with format : PIN <space> KK < space > 8 last digit Maybank Credit Card. Use Gunakan nomor HP yang terdaftar di sistem Maybank. Info lebih lanjut di
    3. Select the "OTHER TRANSACTIONS" menu
    4. Select the "CASH ATTRACTION" menu
    5. Enter the nominal amount of funds to be withdrawn, click "TRUE"
    6. Select the "IDR RKK" menu
    7. Please withdraw money from the Maybank ATM
    8. Do not forget to withdraw and save your Maybank Credit Card again

Program Terms & Conditions:

  1. 1. Make sure you do not use your Maybank Credit Card while X-Cash is processed. The use of Maybank Credit Cards will reduce your limit which causes changes in the Maybank XCash funds that you will receive.
  2. Maybank XCash request will be processed within a maximum of 3 (three) working days.
  3. When Maybank XCash is processed, your Maybank Credit Card must be active, not being blocked, there is no usage that exceeds the credit limit and there is no late payment.
  4. Processing fees will be charged in the amount of Rp20 thousand per withdrawal transaction.
  5. Your Maybank Credit Card limit will be blocked by the number of principal transactions including interest (if any) and automatically the number of blocked limits will be reduced to the amount of monthly installments.
  6. Maybank XCash will be transferred to the Credit Card Account (RKK) which is automatically formed when your Maybank XCash is disbursed.
  7. If you make an early repayment, then the billed will be the total outstanding installments which consist of the total principal Maybank XCash + total interest (if any) until the end of the installment period.
  8. PT Maybank Indonesia Tbk have the rights to cancel, postpone, prolong or terminate this program before deleting or adding one of the terms and conditions with absolute decision by giving notice in accordance with applicable provisions through website at 
  9. Matters not mentioned above will refer to the program terms and conditions set by Maybank.