Use Maybank Credit Card and get 0% up to 12 months installments for hospital payment in Malaysia. 

The minimum transactions for each tenor follows the following conditions:


Change the transaction into installment by:

  1. Contact Customer Care at 1500611, or;
  2. Email to by informing:
    1. Subject email: 0% installment in Malaysia Hospital
    2. Name:
    3. Maybank Credit Card Numbers:
    4. Transaction information:
      1. Transaction date
      2. Transaction Amount:
      3. Place of transaction / merchant name:
      4. Tenor options: (3/6/12 months)

Terms and conditions for installment conversion:

  1. Only applies to transactions in hospitals which collaboration with Maybank and using Ringgit currency.
  2. Does not apply to cash advance transactions (cash advance) at ATMs, cash swipes at merchants, gas stations, foundations, casino transactions and monthly routine bill transactions such as: PLN, telephone, insurance and gymnastic membership payments.
  3. Transactions that will be converted into installments are transactions that have been recorded in the Maybank system or printed on the monthly billing statement before payment is due.
  4. When the transaction changes to installments, your Maybank Credit Card must be active, not being blocked, there is no usage that exceeds the credit limit and there are no late payments.
  5. Maybank credit limit Your Credit Card will be blocked for the number of principal transactions including interest and automatically the amount of credit block blocking will be reduced in the amount of monthly installments. If the Maybank Credit Card Holder makes the repayment before the installment tenor ends, then it will be charged Rp 300 thousand per transaction.
  6. Maybank has the right to cancel, postpone, extend or terminate this program in advance, change, delete or add any of the terms and conditions to the absolute decision by giving notice 7 working days in advance through
  7. Matters not mentioned above will refer to the program terms and conditions set by Maybank. The Bank has the right to reject the request for installments with certain considerations, without having to give reasons for the rejection to the Maybank Credit Cardholder.