3D Secure Credit Card

3D Secure Credit Card

Maybank Credit Cards are equipped with 3D Secure features, so your online transactions with Maybank Credit Cards are more safety.

3D Secure is a new feature of the Maybank Credit Card that provides additional security when customers do online shopping or e-commerce transactions.

Now shopping online with a credit card is more safety. Approval/authorization of online shopping transactions with credit cards is carried out with the password (OTP = One Time Password) sent to the main holder of Maybank Credit Card.

Make sure your mobile number has been updated in the data / system.


Follow these easy steps to continue to transact online safely with the 3D Secure feature:

1. Shop at online merchants or with Maybank Credit Cards.

 2. Make a payment transaction by filling in: card number, expiry date card, and CVV2 (3 digit number behind your Maybank Credit Card).

3. a. Make sure your cellphone (GSM) is active to receive OTP via SMS

3.b. Enter the OTP (One Time Password) authorization code received via SMS on the payment confirmation screen

4. The transaction is complete.