Just for you, the selected Maybank Credit Card holders!

Get cash facilities (Maybank XCash) with a flat 0.99% interest per month and free of administration charge.

Maybank XCash ilustration of cash loan facility IDR5,000,000

Interest rate per month 6 months tenor- Installments per month 12 months tenor - Installments per month 24 months tenor - Installments per month
0.99% IDR882.833,00 IDR466.167,00 IDR257.833,00

Period until December 31th, 2018.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This program is valid for selected Maybank Credit Card holders, who have received an SMS or email. Next, you can contact Customer Care at 69811.
  2. The period/tenor that can be chosen for installments: 6, 12, and 24 months.
  3. Submission of cash funds min. IDR1,000,000 and max. 50% of the remaining credit limit of your Maybank Credit Card or IDR100,000,000.
  4. Interest of 0.99% per month and free of administration charge.
  5. The process of submitting max. 5 working days since you made the submission. Submissions can be processed and approved if your Maybank Credit Card is in a good status (not in a delinquent condition, suspended, canceled or violating the terms and conditions and/or agreement of the Maybank Credit Card holder) and the credit ceiling is still sufficient.
  6. For the cash disbursement process as follows: - After the process is completed and approved, the cash will be transferred to the Maybank Credit Card Account (RKK) or can be transferred to another bank but is subject to a transfer fee of IDR10,000. - Your credit limit will be blocked in the amount of the total cash (principal + interest) and will automatically decrease the credit limit blocking of your Maybank Credit Card if there is an installment payment per month. - Cash withdrawals in the Maybank Credit Card Account (RKK) through an ATM by using your Maybank PIN Credit Card or visiting the nearest Maybank branch by bringing your identity card and Maybank Credit Card.
  7. If the holder of Maybank Credit Card performs advance payment, then all the total installments that haven't been billed will consist of total principal + total interest up to the end of the installment period.