Treats Points Ponta Poin

Continue to increase your transactions with Maybank Credit Cards. Collect and exchange TREATS Points with Ponta Points, enjoy free shopping at Alfamart, Lawson, Solaria and various selected merchants.

Terms & condition:

  • Points can be exchanged at selected merchants such as: Alfamart, Lawson, Solaria, Gojek and other merchants, click here.
  • Minimum exchange of 500 TREATS Points, with calculations of Ponta Points as follows:
    Maybank Credit Cards type

    Number of TREATS Points *

    Ponta Points

    Visa & Mastercard®
    Infinite, Platinum & Gold
    500 25.000
    JCB Platinum 500 37.500
    Not valid for Maybank CoIDRorate Credit Cards and White Cards.
  • TREATS Points will be calculated based on the number of spending transactions using the Maybank Credit Card, namely:
    Maybank Credit Card type

    Minimum Spending (IDR)

    TREATS Points obtained

    Visa Infinite 30.000,00
    (transaksi diluar negeri)
    (transaksi didalam negeri)
    JCB Platinum 30.000,00 2
    Gold 30.000,00 1
  • Effective January 1, 2017 for XBIL PLN. XCash transactions and fees are not included.
  • PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk has the right to cancel, delay, extend or terminate this program beforehand; adjust, delete or add one of the terms and conditions of the absolute decision by giving a 7-day prior notification via the website at
  • Matters not mentioned above will refer to the program terms and conditions set by PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk.

How to exchange:

How to exchange TREATS Points to Ponta Points:

  • Make sure you have become a member of Ponta and already have Ponta ID to make this exchange. You can register as a Ponta member and get Ponta ID by asking for Ponta member cards in all nearby Ponta partner nettworks. You can also obtain Ponta digital member cards by downloading the Ponta Indonesia application in Playstore or the App Store.
  • Point exchange can only be done by holders of Major Credit Card Maybank.
  • Point exchange can be done by contacting Customer Care at 69 811 or via by stating the number and name of the member of Ponta.
  • The process of exchanging TREATS Points can only be done on request, not done automatically for all existing TREATS Points.
  • The process of exchanging TREATS Points becomes Ponta Points no later than 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of exchange.
  • Exchange of Ponta Points for shopping at merchants is carried out by Credit Card Maybank holders whose membership numbers have been registered in advance.
  • When exchanging TREATS Points, Maybank Credit Cards owned must be active, not blocked, no usage that exceeds the credit limit and no late payment.