Siloam Hospitals

Planning to run a Marathon? Prepare yourself.
Get special offers with Maybank Credit Card for marathon fit panel check at Siloam Hospitals.

Period until 30th April 2020

Terms and Conditions :

  • Promo is valid for marathon fit panel check.
  • Special offers IDR2,500,000 from normal price IDR5,000,000
  • Following package is included in marathon fit panel
  • Marathon Fit Panel Packages
    Hematologi Rutin (CBC) GOT
    HbA1C GPT
    Cholesterol Total Gamma GT
    Cholesterol HDL Magnesium
    Cholesterol LDL Direk Na,K,CL
    Trigliserida TSHs
    Creatine Kinase (CK) Treadmill
    Asam Laktat Spirometri
    Calcium Rontgen Thorax
    Vitamin D 25-OH Total Consultation with Physical General Practitioner
    Urea N Consultation with Sports Health Specialist
    Kreatinin Consultation with Clinical Nutrition Specialists
    Urine Rutin  

    For Creatine Kinase, Total Vitamin D 25-OH and Lactic Acid examination, please contact Siloam Hospitals first to check availability.

  • Valid at Siloam Hospitals listed in locations / contacts.
  • Valid for Maybank Credit Card with BII and Maybank logos.

Location / contact clik here