Use M2E for your company's banking transaction solutions and cash rewards of more than IDR3,000,000.  Also enjoy free transaction fees up to 240x every month via M2E especially for new and selected Maybank customers.

Promo period until 30th  September 2022

Cash Reward Program terms and conditions:

  • Cash reward program applies with the following conditions.

Average balance

Cash Reward Value







  • Cash rewards will be given to Customers who meet the criteria for having an average balance according to the table above in the 2nd to 4th month after the M2E service activation date. Cash rewards will be credited no later than the end of the following month period after being declared eligible.
  • Valid for the first 3,000 customers during the program period.
  • This program is valid for all new prospective customers and selected Maybank customers.

Free Program Terms and Conditions:

  • Free of charge applies to SKN/BI-FAST, RTGS, online transfer and remittance transactions (transfer fees).
  • Customers are required to do min. 4 financial transactions in M2E and maintain an average current account balance min. IDR 25 million
  • Free of charge applies max. 60 transactions per transaction type per month.
  • Valid for the first 3,000 customers during the promo period.
  • Free of charge will be given in the form of cashback which will be credited at the end of the following month.
  • This program is valid for all prospective new customers and selected Maybank customers for the first 4 months after activating M2E.