Special rewards for you! Refer Maybank Credit Cards and Maybank Personal Loan to employees in your company and get rewards.

Period until 31st December 2022

Rewards for PIC:

  • Get a voucher worth IDR100,000 thousand for each approved Maybank Credit Card.
  • Get a reward of 0.5% of the disbursed from Maybank Personal Loan.

Information on the advantages of Maybank products:

  1. Maybank JCB Credit Card
    1. Enjoy various benefits from travel preparation to return from Japan.
    2. Get 1 Maybank TREATS Point which is equivalent to 1 Airline Miles for every IDR10,000 thousand retail shopping transaction.
    3. Free access to more than 50 JCB Airport Lounges and more than 10 JCB Plazas worldwide.
    4. Share shopping offers and enjoy Insurance Shopping Protection up to IDR20 million.
    5. More information www.maybank.co.id/jcb
  2. Maybank Personal Loan
    1. Interest rates start from 0.79%
    2. Tenor up to 3 years.
    3. Only valid for permanent employees.

Contact Maybank PIC Sales Team for details on rewarding.