Maybank - Dari Dulu Sampai Sekarang

04 September 2019

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Life begins with dreams .. Fall, wake up again .. Lose, try again .. Fail, rise again .. Never give up .. Friends are always there to strengthen you. "(Anonymous, 2019)

Commemorating National Customer Day 4 September 2019, Maybank Indonesia presents an inspiration from Mr. Suhari Setiono, a sole agent of Oyama Japan diesel engine and Maybank customer from 1968. Never giving up even when the company he and his wife pioneered became a victim of fraud, always rising up never run away from challenges even when you are on the verge of failure.

Enduring with determination, hope, and mutual support with Maybank, who has been faithfully accompanied from the past until now. #Maybank60BetterUs #MyBank

SME, Maybank Premier