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Funding Sharia

Sharia banking service's options that are tailored according to your needs:
Tabungan Reguler Syariah

Regular Saving iB

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Tabungan Gold Syariah

Gold Saving iB

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Tabungan MyPlan Syariah

MyPlan Saving/ MyPlan iB

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Tabungan Pijar Syariah

Pijar Sharia Saving iB

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Tabungan Qurban

Qurban Saving

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TabunganKu Syariah

TabunganKu iB

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Tabungan Superkidz Syariah

Superkidz Saving iB

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Deposito Syariah

Deposit Sharia / Deposit iB

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Giro Syariah

Giro Sharia/ Giro iB

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Bancassurance Syariah

Bancassurance iB

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Umroh Syariah

MyPlan Umroh iB

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