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Our Service related to import

1.  Inward Documentary Collection

Is a service of payments to the seller/beneficiary on the bill you receive as a buyer/importer based on documents without using the L/C (non L/C transaction).
Based on the payment method, this transaction consists of 2 types:
  • Documents against Payment (D/P)
    The payments made to the exporters/sellers of bills of exchange (draft) and import documents you received at sight.
  • Document against Acceptance (D/A)
    The usance payment to the exporters/sellers will be conducted at maturity of drafts which you have previously accepted it.
Your benefit doing Inward Documentary Collection transaction at BII
  • BII has extensive correspondent relationships, both with the banks in the country and around the world so as to better facilitate in the outreach of the receipt of Collection Non L/C documents from and to various countries around the world.
  • You can make transactions of Incoming Documentary Collection (Non L/C) without the need to have facilities.
2. Notification on Imported Goods (PIB)

Other services provided by BII related to imports are the payment acceptance of import tax. The payment of the import tax is on the realization of import that you have done and will be deposited to BII to the State Cash Treasury Office (KPKN).
Your benefit doing payment of import tax through BII
The payment of tax in BII is made via online, meaning that the tax payment system in BII has been connected directly to the computer systems of Customs, and Directorate General of Tax so it can be done quickly.
* The terms and conditions of the services related to imports refer to the applicable provisions

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