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Global Banking
The products that we provide on import transactions
1. Letter of Credit (L / C) or Surat Kredit Berdokumen Dalam Negeri (Domestic Letter of Credit) (SKBDN)
L/C or SKBDN is a payment tool that can provide a sense of security to each beneficiary and as a bank which is able to issue L/C or SKBDN will make payments if the terms and conditions in the L/C or SKBDN is fulfilled.
Benefits in Choosing in L/C or SKBDN transaction:
The provision of L/C or SKBDN opening facilities by , it can be combined with financing in order to import / purchase adjusted to your trade cycle needs. It is given as a business solution to assit developing your business.
2. Usance Payable at Sight L/C atau SKBDN (UPAS L/C or SKBDN)
Financing facility provided by the Bank to make payment to third party partner (beneficiary/exporter) at sight of document under Usance LC/SKBDN form the importer
Benefits of having UPAS L/C or SKBDN Facility :
  • You can arrange cash flow of company that is adjusted to the trade cycle of your company.
  • As an importer, you can immediately issue the goods from the port to carry out the production process, while the payment obligation of Your L/C or SKBDN to is conducted at maturity date of draft.
3. Trust Receipt Financing 
T/R Financing is a short-term financing facility for the importer/applicant to settle outstanding obligation of LC or SKBDN that previously open by presentation of Trust Receipt document by importer/applicant.
Benefits of Trust Receipt Financing :
  • It is a solution given by to you as an importer to arrange cash flow of company that is adjusted to the trade cycle.
  • With the T/R Financing then you can release the goods from the port and conduct the production process, while the repayment obligation of the T/R is made ​​after you receive payments from the sale of your goods production.
* The terms and conditions apply

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