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SME & Commercial
Financing facility that can be utilized by Business Banking Debtor, are:
1. Working Capital Loan
    This is a short-term loan to finance working capital needs based on debtor’s business cycle
    and/or other specific working capital, includes inventory/receivables/project (up to 1 year
    period). Working capital loan includes :
       a.     Overdraft Loan (PRK)
       b.     Demand Loan  (PPB)
       c.     Trust Receipt (T/R)
       d.     Bill negotiation / Discounted
2.   Investment Loan  
    This is medium and long term loan which can be utilized for the financing of investment
    projects, business expansions, etc. (commonly more than 1 year period).
3.   Export-Import Facility (L/C) &  Bank Guarantee 
     a. Letter of Credit
         This is an instrument issued by BII upon request from the customers (account party /
         import) for payments to  the third parties (beneficiary / exporter)
     b. Bank Guarantee (BG)
         This is a facility provided by BII  to guarantee / fulfill an obligation secured party if the
         secured party can not fulfill its obligations (non performance or default).
4.   Foreign Exchange Line (FX Line) Facility
    This is a facility provided by BII to fulfill the customer’s needs in foreign exchange transactions, such as : spot, forward or swap contracts.

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