Forum for leaders or decision makers in Shariah Financial and Banking Industry, Regulator, Shariah Scholars and
Business Players to provide valuable and actionable insight on issues and challenges faced by the Shariah Financial and Banking Industry

Thursday, 27th May 2021 at 08.15 AM - 12.00 PM
(GMT +7, Jakarta Time)

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Covid 19 Pandemic was a global full stop for doing ‘business as usual’, fast-tracking digital transformation’ and fuelling growth. A tech-savvy population also has contributed to this accelerating. More than half of Indonesians have access to mobile phones and the internet and this figure is expected to grow to almost 100% in 2025. How digital transformation could “reshape” the Shariah Finance & Economy? Could digital transformation become the game changer to increase the market share of Sharia Finance rise to 20 percent by 2024 as per Government plan? How do the Islamic Financial Institution (IFI)’s stakeholder transform to meet the evolving the demand of the digital economy? And to what extent the influence of influencer and the role of Shariah Scholar to drive the rise of the next future of Shariah Finance & Economy. This effort would require a greater support from all Stakeholders including Industry Players, the Government, Regulators and the supporting parties.

Maybank Indonesia always believes Shariah Finance Industry has a huge chance to be at the heart of society. In addition to creating opportunities and growth through the business, this Industry also fulfils social responsibility by fostering unique and sustainable values that have a positive impact on society.

On the back of this spirit, since 2014 ‘Shariah First’ philosophy has driven Maybank Indonesia’s strategy. Seven years on, the Shariah First strategy has translated into significant growth and share of Shariah Banking. Maybank Unit Usaha Syariah (UUS) contributes about 20% of Maybank Indonesia’s asset. This strategy has proven effective, resulting in positive outcomes in terms of financials, product innovation, services, environment and culture. It enables us to deliver our capabilities on how, when, where and what in response to our Customers’ wants and needs.

In line with the commitment of ‘Shariah First’, Maybank Indonesia aims to bring forth important discussions among the key Stakeholders to highlight the challenges facing the Industry and deliberate potential and actionable solutions through “Shariah Thought Leader Forum”.

This year forum will continue the success of 2020 as a virtual discussion amongst leaders from different background to discuss the strategy in mainstreaming the Shariah Finance Industry. We will have Regulators, Practitioners, Business Leaders, Shariah Scholar, International Expert, and related Stakeholders in Shariah Finance to share their thought.


Agenda of Maybank Indonesia Shariah Thought Leaders Forum 2021
(Jakarta, GMT+7)


08:15 AM

Registration & Opening Remarks

  • Taswin Zakaria, CEO of Maybank Indonesia
  • Dato’ Dr Afifi Al-Akiti, Islamic Scholar, University of Oxford

09:30 AM

Shariah Finance in Digital Age

  • Where are we now, the current situation and challenges?
  • Why do Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) need to break into the mainstream amidst the rising of digital, Fintech, and Omnichannel solution era?
  • How do IFIs transform and collaborate to tap the opportunity? How do we prepare strategy to ensure a smooth change-over into the digital ecosystem in Indonesia and other key Shariah markets?

Moderator : Romy Hardiansyah Buchari, Group Head of Shariah Banking, Maybank Indonesia

10:45 AM

Digitalization Reshaping Halal Lifestyle

  • How and in what way do influencers change lives? And how could they help drive the rise of future Shariah finance & economy?
  • How Shariah Scholars adapt with this transformation and come up with the ideas and recommendations that reflect this new condition? To what extent, Shariah scholars can influence industry (current and future trend)?
  • What is the aspiration of multi-service tech platform company relating to the rising halal lifestyle & industry in Indonesia?
  • How do they see Indonesia will grow its Shariah Economy (Halal) through digitalization?

Moderator : Mohammad B. Teguh, Shariah Scholar & DPS Maybank Indonesia

12:00 PM

End of session


Here are the speakers of Maybank Indonesia Shariah Thought Leaders Forum 2021

Speaker 1


Deputy Commissioner
OJK Institute & Digital Finance
Financial Services Authority (OJK)

Speaker 1

Taswin Zakaria

CEO of Maybank Indonesia

Speaker 3

Dato’ Dr Afifi Al-Akiti

Islamic Scholar
University of Oxford

Speaker 3

Friderica Widyasari Dewi

Woman in Islamic Finance

Speaker 3

Michel Hamilton

Chief Strategy,
Transformation & Digital Officer
Maybank Indonesia

Speaker 3

Mustafa Aydemir

Global Industry Player
Senior Investment Analyst
Saturna Sdn Bhd

Speaker 3

Afdhal Aliasar

Director of Halal Product Industry
National Committee of Islamic Economic
and Finance (KNEKS)

Speaker 3

Ridzki Kramadibrata

President - Grab Indonesia

Speaker 3

Zee Zee Shahab

Public Figure

Speaker 3

Mohammad B. Teguh

DPS Maybank Indonesia
& Shariah Scholar

Speaker 3

Romy Buchari

Group Head of Shariah Banking
Maybank Indonesia