Only for you selected Maybank Credit Cardholder.

Take advantage of the Maybank XCash cash facility from your Maybank Credit Card for a solution for all your needs. Apply for Maybank XCash via M2U ID App. Download the M2U ID App on the Play Store/App Store now!

Terms and conditions:

  1. This program is only valid for selected Maybank Credit Cardholder.
  2. Maybank XCash cash deposit min. IDR1 million and max. 50% of the remaining credit limit of your Maybank Credit Card or IDR100 million.
  3. Competitive interest with selectable term of up to 24 months.
  4. How to apply for Maybank XCash:
    1. Download the M2U ID App on the Play Store/App Store.
    2. Apply Maybank XCash via M2U ID App click here
    The submission process is a maximum of 5 working days from the time you make an application.
  5. Maybank XCash will be credited to the Maybank Savings account you selected on M2U as a disbursement account.
  6. Maybank XCash processing fee of IDR20 thousand/disbursement will be billed to Maybank Credit Cardholder.
  7. If your Maybank XCash is approved, it will be credited to your Maybank Savings account and then it will be an installment on your Maybank Credit Card every month for the tenor you have chosen and it has been approved.
  8. When the application is processed and approved by your Maybank Credit Card, it is in good status, not in arrears, suspended, canceled, or violates the terms and conditions and/or the agreement of the Maybank Credit Card Holder and the credit limit is still sufficient.
  9. If the Maybank Credit Cardholder makes an accelerated payment, the total unbilled installments consisting of the total principal + total interest until the end of the installment period will be billed.
  10. If the Maybank Credit Cardholder makes an accelerated payment or cancels the installment before the tenor is completed, a penalty fee of IDR300 thousand per transaction will be imposed.
  11. PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk has the right to cancel, postpone, extend or terminate this program beforehand; vary, delete, or add one of the terms and conditions of the absolute decision by giving notice according to the applicable provisions and will be informed through the website
  12. PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk has the right to reject the application for cash funds with certain considerations, without having to notify the reason for the rejection to the Maybank Credit Cardholder.
  13. Matters not mentioned above will refer to the program terms and conditions set by PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk.